High Temperature & Low Light Performance
Bypass Diodes for Shadow Tolerance
UL Listed to 600 VDC UL
Lightweight, Flexible, Durable
Easy to Deploy (No Glass)
Top Termination Quick Connect
Mountable on Curved Surfaces
Virtually Maintenance Free
Shadow Tolerant
Roll Capable


Each PVL (photovoltaic laminate) utilizes the proprietary Triple Junction solar cell. These cells are made in a roll-to-roll deposition process on a continuous roll of stainless steel. The result is a unique, flexible, lightweight solar cell that is then encapsulated in a UV stabilized polymer making the finished product exceptionally durable.

These specialized laminates are designed to be rolled out for use on flat surfaces or they can be bonded to a flat surface by a factory-installed adhesive on the back of the laminate. They are provided with weatherproof Quick Connect Terminals.


All solar panels are rated in terms of peak power output (watts). Outdoor, under normally higher operating temperatures, solar panel performance changes depending on temperature, solar spectrum (light color), and related effects. Oasis Solar products are less affected by temperature than monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar technology products. Also, the characteristic of the current voltage relationship (IV curve) of Oasis Solar products favors battery charging. Bypass Diodes across each cell allow modules to produce power even when partially shaded, resulting in up to 20% more energy.

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