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Modular system for maximum flexibility

For immediate housing of large communities the modular system was developed for different configurations (single family, multi family) with a quick set up time and resistant to all weather conditions (hurricane type wind and rain forces, tropical heat, polar cold). The units can be used as single level housing blocks or stacked up to 6 levels.

The modular system consists of two types of units, of which different types of set ups can be assembled: a single family 2-room apartment up to a 6 or 8 room unit for larger families or groups. Depending on local conditions, the units can be stacked or used as single level buildings.

A special roof is developed that prevents the sunshine on the roofs and creates a buffer for the heat, using ventilation air from the units. The roofs are larger than the homes to create extra shadow around the units.

It is simple to connect the ducts of all units (power, water, sewage, ventilation) for quick set up.

“All in” package: no loose ends

Recognizing the infrastructural limitations in building communities in developing countries, we therefore supply all components necessary for a “ready-to-go” housing project, including (but not limited to):

For local construction works, all necessary components are included in the delivery. Local workers with limited supervision can put together a complete block even if specific skills or tools are not available. Clear “how to” illustrated manuals are available to overcome language barriers.