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The SSK-1E containerized kitchen is a portable production unit capable of being transported by land, sea or air. The SSK-1E all-electric cooking system is a safe clean and efficient field feeding solution.

The SSK-1E provides an environmentally controlled kitchen environment  capable of feeding 150-400 personnel per meal period.

The SSK-1E has dual convection ovens, tilting skillet, six burner range, hot food tables and on-board refrigeration and freezer storage. The unit is capable of roasting, grilling, boiling, frying and baking operations.

 ·Capable of feeding 150-400 people
· Requires no special equipment or skills
· Operates with three Food Service Specialists
· Performs roasting, grilling, boiling, frying, and baking
· All cooking equipment conforms to U.L. and NSF Standards

The SSK-1E operates off of a 225 amp shore or auxiliary generator power source.

The SSK-1E weighs 9500 lbs and it’s dimensions are:

240” long
96” wide
102” high