Pulling it all together.

A and A Logistics’ development staff and sister companies have been designing building and delivering products to the US Military and the US Government for over 17 Years.  These services include concept development, rapid prototyping and fabricating advanced electronic monitoring systems for critical life sustaining equipment designed to support our Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines.  Many of our products have been used globally in support of our military as well as Federal emergencies and international humanitarian efforts.

A and A has researched the international vehicle market and come up with a number of small vehicle platforms that have influenced the conceptual design of the Shugart/Gordon expeditionary vehicle.  The Shugart/Gordan, named taken from the two Special Forces Congressional of Honor recipients,  Key features of the vehicle is its simplicity:.  Space age lightweight plastics reinforced by light weight composite armor make this platform light weight and fast, compact yet powerful aluminum engines and transmissions used currently worldwide for ease of parts replacement and repair, partial hybrid capabilities for stealth, large wide tires to better distribute weight on the floor of the V22 as well as the helicopters this vehicle is designed to support.

Coalition building/Team Building (bridging government, industry and community)

Strategic public/private partnership development

Pro-active business development and Public Relations

Problem solving (including mediation and negotiation)

In today’s ever-changing environment, a new business calculus calls for different priorities and approaches.

The question: How do we develop and grow a fragile infrastructure?

“Ed” Robert E. Atchley and his team have recently been appointed to the Task Force on the Reconstruction of Afghanistan. These multi-faceted and seasoned experts provide a management group with diverse experience, essential and crucial to the success of a Pro-Active approach to business development in Afghanistan. Atchley and Associates is focusing on accelerated development of essential society building businesses and services to mutually benefit the government of Afghanistan as well as the private sector. Afghanistan’s successful move to a democratic and free society will be based on business development not charity and unsustainable funding.

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